Apple Releases Three Apple Watch Options Entering the Indonesian Market, Here Are the Specifications & Selling Prices… Apple has launched three smart watches that have officially entered the Indonesian market. The three smartwatches are the Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch SE Generation 2, and Apple Watch Series 8.

Regarding the announcement regarding sales of Smartwatches from Apple entering the Indonesian market, it has been written on the two official sites of Apple Indonesia distributors, namely Digimap and iBox.

The following is the selling price of the Apple Smartwatch that enters the Indonesian market, as quoted from the official iBox website, Friday (18/11/2022):

Apple Watch Series 8

  • Apple Watch Series 8 case size: 41mm – IDR 7,999,000
  • Apple Watch Series 8 case size: 45mm – IDR 8.499.000

Apple Watch Ultra

  • Apple Watch Ultra with Trail Loop – IDR 15.999.000
  • Apple Watch Ultra with Alpine Loop – IDR 15.999.000
  • Apple Watch Ultra with Ocean Band – IDR 15.999.000

Apple Watch SE Generation 2

  • Apple Watch SE Gen 2 case size: 40mm – IDR 4.999.000
  • Apple Watch SE Gen 2 case size : 44mm – IDR 5.499.000
  • Other products

Apple Watch Series 8 specifications

The specifications of the Apple Watch Series 8 feature the signature design of the Apple Watch, including the Always-On Retina Display and a tough front crystal. This device has a battery that lasts for 18 hours.

The Apple Watch Series 8 also includes health and safety features like EKG and fall detection apps, with built-in capabilities for temperature sensing, retrospective ovulation forecasting, Crash Detection, and international roaming.

The Apple Watch Series 8 features features that are useful for women, especially regarding the menstrual cycle which can be an important indicator of their health. And also provides new temperature sensing capabilities that can provide information to female users about further knowledge about their health, while maintaining data privacy protection. the health of the users.

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This smartwatch takes a unique approach to temperature sensing by design using two sensors that function to reduce bias from the effects of the external environment. The sensors are located on the back of the watch close to the skin, and one that is under the screen.

Every five seconds the sensor found in the Apple Watch Series 8 will sample the temperature at the user’s wrist and will always measure changes as small as 0.1° C during sleep.

Users of this Apple smartwatch can also see basic temperature changes every night which can be caused by exercise, jet lag, or even illness with health applications.

For family planning programs, new temperature sensing in the Apple Watch Series 8 can help users receive retrospective ovulation forecasts that can tell when ovulation occurs.

All Cycle Tracking users can receive notifications if the recorded cycle history shows possible irregularities due to the use of iOS 16 and watchOS 9 on the Apple Watch Series 8.

When a user has a severe car collision accident, the Crash Detection feature or accident detector from the Apple Watch will immediately connect with the user and contact emergency services, if they do not respond after 10 seconds. And immediately emergency responders will receive the location of the user’s device, which is also shared with the user’s emergency contacts. And the performance of Crash Detection on Apple Watch will work seamlessly to get user assistance efficiently when combined with iPhone.

Apple Watch SE Generation 2 specifications

Apple Watch SE Generation 2 features improvements including a dual-core S8 SiP processor, the same processor found in the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra.

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The Crash Detection and international roaming features are also presented on this new Apple Watch SE.

Even though the casing is still the same as its predecessor, the casing on the back is compatible and there is a redesign using a nylon composite material, so the weight becomes lighter.

With watchOS 9, Apple Watch SE users can enjoy the benefits of the new Compass app in addition to improved fitness and health features.

For Apple Watch Ultra battery use, the company includes support for up to 36 hours of battery life under normal use.

Apple Watch Ultra is claimed to be twice as bright as other Apple Watch screens due to 2000 nits support, and this smartwatch also has three built-in microphones to improve the quality of voice calls.

For fast access to various features, such as Workouts, Compass Waypoints, Backtrack, to other capabilities, the Apple Watch is able to do that, because there is a new orange action button that can be adjusted.

Apple Watch Ultra Specifications

For the first time, there is dual-frequency GPS on the Apple Watch Ultra that can integrate L1 and L5, plus a new algorithm for more accurate positioning.

Even with its accuracy, this GPS smartwatch is claimed to exceed the Apple Watch model currently available.

This smartwatch runs watchOS 9 which is equipped with a number of new metrics to measure user activity. The interface display is also adjusted to support user activities, including by presenting Night Mode.

Inovasi lain di smartwatch ini adalah kemampuan pengukuran suhu untuk mengetahui informasi kesehatan wanita, seperti memprediksi siklus haid,dan juga deretan fitur khas Apple Watch seperti pengukuran detak pada jantung,ECG,dan juga pengukuran oksigen didalam darah.

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Another innovation in this smartwatch is the ability to measure temperature to find out women’s health information, such as predicting the menstrual cycle, as well as a series of typical Apple Watch features such as measuring heart rate, ECG, and also measuring oxygen in the blood.

Apple Watch Ultra has received MIL-STD-810H military certification, as proof of its durability capabilities.***

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