How to assemble a work safety device from electric shock and fire hazards The picture above is an outlet circuit that uses an ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker). This circuit can be used as a safety in any work related to electricity, such as: electrical installation work, welding workshops, and other jobs that require electric power as a support. This circuit is deliberately made on pieces of wooden planks that are insulating as safety, because this circuit is designed so that it can be carried everywhere according to the work location.

The working system of this circuit is: a socket that is used as a power source for work equipment, the amount of which can be adjusted according to needs. The power source from the socket is obtained from the ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Braker) as well as a safety when an electric current leak occurs due to a work accident. And the source of electrical energy from the ELCB comes from the main power source. To find out more about the ELCB function, please visit the previous article:

Let’s Protect Ourselves From Electrical Hazards By Installing ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker) In Home Electrical Installations

By using this ELCB circuit, it will protect humans from work accidents from the dangers of electric shock that may occur. Because this circuit will cut off the electric current very quickly in the event of a current leakage, or when an electric cable is touched by humans, even animals, so that the death toll in the accident occurs. work accidents can be avoided.

ELCB is one of the electrical installation network accessories that should be installed for self-protection from electric shock hazards. Its shape and function is almost similar to the MCB (Miniature Circuit Braker) which is usually installed in every building as a fuse, but in terms of sensitivity, the ELCB is the best one capable of disconnecting electric current quickly, making it more suitable for the protection of humans and buildings from the danger of electric short circuit.***

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